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Seadan Group Bolsters UNV Relationship

Seadan Group reports it is bolstering its relationship with UNV by expanding the range and deepening stock holdings.

“Seadan Group, after a hugely successful COVID19 period alongside the UNV thermal cameras and an impressive boost in sales since partnering with UNV, has bolstered that relationship by installing interactive displays in all 9 stores, expanding the range significantly and increasing stock holdings to ensure that the products are always available for the customers as they need them,” said Blake Buckland – group general manager of the Seadan Group.

“Adding to the already extensive list of products will also be a wider range of NVR’s, XVR’s, monitors, AI and other assorted high-end cameras. UNV’s success at the Seadan Group is attributed to the product’s reliability and UNV’s professional approach to the Australian market shown in the way they support customers – we at Seadan, and our integrator customers in Australia,” Buckland said.

“The UNV Oceania team, including Susanna Lo, Christopher Tong and Edward Qiu, have been an absolute pleasure to work with and they truly lead the industry when it comes to managing an international supply chain. There is no reason UNV’s growth with Seadan shouldn’t continue in a big way.”

Ilya Malkin – manager of the Seadan Mount Waverley store mirrors Buckland’s comments.

“I can tell you from personal experience that UNV genuinely understand and appreciate what our customers need, and they do everything possible to accommodate that,” Malkin said. “Thanks to our new display, customers are able to gauge in an instant the capabilities of what UNV can offer and together with our help, we can ensure that each customer who leaves our store is confident for choosing UNV as it honestly just ticks every box.”

Seadan and UNV customers asked about UNV range gave positive reports.

“It’s fair to say that the UNV products we’ve used so far have exceeded our expectations,” said Ben Davis of ESQ. “Not only were we impressed with the range available, but our customers have also been impressed as there is a camera for any application. What really blew me away, however, was the speed range with virtually no delay, port-forwarding and remote access setup – it’s genuinely so easy compared to any other range we’ve used in the past. We’ll be sticking with UNV as our preferred CCTV brand, no question.”

Scott Talle from Newcastle Locksmiths agreed.

“We are absolute converts to UNV – full stop,” Talle said. “The reason for this is the reliability across the whole range. Ever since we’ve used UNV we’ve had basically no returns – they just continue to work and never fail. We’ve installed well over 1000 UNV products and in that time, we’ve had 3 products which have had an issue. We did a stretch for a while with a few other brands but again, we had a high proportion of returns, so we’ve learnt our lesson and will now stick with UNV.”

Buckland said its additional 3 stores have significantly contributed to the growth in the back end of 2019 and that has continued into 2020.

“The UNV displays are all installed and anyone who wants to see just how simple and reliable the product is can stop into any Seadan Group store including Port Melbourne, Tullamarine, Mount Waverley (VIC), Bowen Hills (QLD), Marleston (SA), Balcatta (WA), Parramatta (NSW) and Sprint, Lane Cove (NSW) any time for an introduction,” he said.



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