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TX-2810-03 Outdoor PIR From Aritech

Both sensors built into the must be triggered for the device to indicate a pre-alarm condition, and it uses quad pyro technology making it a robust and reliable detector, not prone to false alarms.
“This new Aritech outdoor motion sensor is designed for all exterior locations and includes a number of features for easier installation,” says Mark Staples, UTC Fire and Security’s Pre-Sales Manager.
“For example it features programmable options including variable pulse count and a choice of three detection ranges (10m, 20m and 30m) and the detection pattern can be aimed more accurately and quickly thanks to the dual-axis tilt sensor allowing up to 180° of pan and 90° of tilt.”
The device is fully IP65 rated for dust and humidity resistance and its neat design gives no visible indication of the orientation of the detector head. There’s also a range extension – the 868AM GEN2 wireless outdoor PIR motion sensor TX-2810-03-4. This new wireless outdoor PIR has kept the same family look and quality as the hardwired DI601 and DDI602 series.
Global release of the new sensor is currently underway. 
* RF range: 300 m open field
* Built-in UTCFS 868AM Gen2 transmitter module
* Quad pyro technology with AND logic
* PIR Electronic range setting: 10/20/30m
* Mounting height up to 6m
* 10 to 70° detection angle
* 180° pan and 90° tilt for flexible installation
* Sensor module is hidden – no additional external brackets are needed
* Operating temperature: -25° to +65°C
* High dust and humidity resistance (IP65).


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