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ADT Snaps Up Internet Security Firm, Secure Designs

ADT has acquired internet security tech house, Secure Designs, for an undisclosed sum, giving it a platform for network monitoring and protection. Secure Designs (SDI) has already begun using the ADT Cybersecurity name.

ADT Cybersecurity will design, install, monitor and manage network defense systems, including firewall services and intrusion prevention to protect small business networks from cyber threats. This multilayered security approach provides active perimeter defense, vulnerability scanning and secure remote access to help eliminate data loss.

Monitored services from ADT Cybersecurity include network monitoring, active hunting, and deep forensic analysis using cyber threat intelligence and real-time threat detection, according to the company. This allows end users to focus on validated threats, reducing the complexity of traditional detection by using technology, coupled with human-based intelligence and internal processes.

“ADT and SDI are the perfect match; two companies dedicated to providing business owners with peace-of-mind knowing their greatest investment is monitored and more secure,” states Michael Keen, vice president, ADT Cybersecurity.

“Cybercrime is a real threat to the livelihood of small businesses across the country. It is imperative that we provide our customers with a complete suite of solutions to help ensure every point of entry, whether physical or digital, is protected.”

ADT Cybersecurity can now provide real-time insights to internet risks and trends, as well as bundled solutions to improve small business performance.

“Together with ADT, we’ll now be able to extend our reach to give new and existing small business customers the network security that is needed to operate in today’s world,” says Larry Ceccchini, SDI owner and now vice president and general manager, ADT Cybersecurity Small Business.

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