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Australia’s DSTO Upgrading Security at Edinburgh Parks

The Australian Department of Defence has released a tender for security upgrades and other refurbishments and extensions of buildings at DSTO’s big Edinburgh Parks Facility in South Australia. 

The Defence Science and Technology Group is part of the Australian Department of Defence dedicated to providing science and technology support for Australia's defence and national security needs. It's Australia's second largest government-funded science organisation after the CSIRO. 

JS Fighter and development team at Edinburgh Parks
JS Fighter development team at Edinburgh Parks, South Australia

Following the consolidation of defence-related uses into the RAAF Base Edinburgh and the Defence Science and Technology Organisation (DSTO) Edinburgh in the early 2000s, a significant area of land formerly used for defence-related purposes was made available for development, however, DSTO retains considerable holdings.

Comprising a Maritime Division, Land Division, Aerospace Division and a Joint and Operations Analysis Division; DST Group has an annual budget of approximately $A440 million and employs more than 2500 staff; predominantly scientists, engineers, IT specialists and technicians.

The tender closes March 4, 2016.♦


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