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CEM Systems New AC2000 Management System

CEM AC2000 v.7.1 offers an enhanced API and Outlook or emerald-based room booking capabilities. 

The solutions comes with a series of performance-enhancing additions to this access control and security management software suite, including an improved application programming interface (API) for easier third-party integrations, new room booking solution, multi-card support capabilities, and additional integrations.

AC2000 offers an updated API that allows for full bi-directional communication, making it possible to send and receive information from the access control system to other platforms, such as a physical security management system (PSIM). And the enhanced API also better supports third-party integrations from selected systems interfacing with AC2000.

Also new to AC2000 v.7.1 is the room booking feature using Microsoft Outlook in conjunction with CEM’s emerald intelligent access touch screen reader and controller. Using either Outlook or the emerald terminal at the meeting room door, users now can streamline the meeting process by creating, editing and displaying room booking information for ongoing or new meetings. 

Systems administrators will now find it possible under v.7.1 to enrol and differentiate multiple active cards per individual.♦

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