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Avigilon Presence Radar Device

Avigilon Presence Radar Device

♦ Avigilon Presence Radar – Avigilon Presence Detector (APD) is a discrete impulse radar device with self-learning analytics to accurately detect the presence of a person breathing even if they have stopped moving and/or are hidden.

The device scans, learns, and continuously adapts to its environment, helping to reduce false positive events and is designed for indoor locations where it can accurately detect a motionless person’s presence through blankets, cardboard, wood and drywall.

Avigilon APD can be integrated with a CCTV camera to provide video verification and integrates with Avigilon Control Center video management software (VMS) to provide surveillance with privacy beyond the visible spectrum and can be used to alert on presence or movement while maintaining privacy.

According to Avigilon, the APD offers highly accurate loitering detection and presence detection with very low false positive rates, configurable loitering dwell-time setting and range to detect presence and loitering up to 9 metres, and uses ultra-wideband (UWB) impulse radar analytics capable of detecting fine motion such as breathing.

Avigilon APD-S1-D features include:

* Coverage/range 9m
* Power consumption 3W
* Mount type ceiling
* Indoor applications
* Ceiling mount
* Electrical specifications power supply: PoE
* Physical dimensions 91 x 60 x 39mm
* Operating temperature is 0-50C.

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