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Bathurst Central Business District CCTV Reaches Stage 2

Bathurst Regional Council has released a tender for installation of infrastructure to support its new public CCTV solution being installed throughout the Bathurst CBD.

The tender shall be for the design and construction of the whole of the works, unless otherwise stated in the tender documents and shall include the following.

1. Comms conduit ‘lead-in’ works from Russell Street to inside Civic Centre data room.
2. Comms conduit ‘lead-in’ works from Rankin Street to the external facade of the Bathurst Police Station.
3. Comms conduit ‘lead-in’ & ‘lead-out’ to the Tafe building, 83 William Street
4. Comms conduit ‘lead-in’ to the Fossil Museum, 224 Howick Street.
5. Comms conduit ‘lead-in’ to the Headmaster’s Cottage, 224 Howick Street & trench around as necessary.
6. Supply & installation of camera poles as per preferred layout.
7. Supply & installation of fit for purpose fibre optic pits as per preferred layout and specifications.
8. Supply & installation of approximately 3000m of P100 fit for purpose conduit.
9. Supply & install P20 conduit spurs from new pits to camera poles.
10. Supply & install power supply from each camera pole to nearest power supply point
11. Provide Works-As-Executed (WAE) plans upon completion, indicating final positions of constructed infrastructure, levels, lengths, and other significant features.
12. Provide site works as specified.
13. Provide plant, material and labour to construct all associated works as detailed in the construction drawings and specifications.
14. Identify and locate any and all utility services within the area covered by the scope of works, including liaison with any service authorities as required.
15. Any other works as directed by Council’s Engineer.
16. Remediation of all disturbed areas and disposal of all rubbish and debris.
17. Preparation and maintenance of a site-specific Safety Management Plan.

Overall works include the supply and installation of 13 cameras (pole and building mounted); approximately 400m of fibre network, including conduits and pits; 500m wireless link, video monitoring systems/software, power supply and associated networking works.

According to Councillor Alex Christian, Bathurst Regional Council has committed to funding the project, which will see ’15 to 20′ CCTV cameras installed throughout the CBD, after missing out on NSW Government funding.

Cr Christian said it was good to see council appreciate the value the project by committing its own funds in the 2018-19 budget, but disappointing there was no support from a higher level of government.

The cameras are likely to be installed in William Street, Russell Street, Howick Street, George Street and Machattie Park, with council intending to have both fixed and PTZ cameras – the solution is also likely to be monitored by police and council staff with strict protocols governing use of video footage.

Stage 1 of the solution is already operational. In July, Bathurst Mayor Graeme Hanger said 9 cameras were monitoring parts of William and Keppel streets at a cost of around $A270,000.

“We’re happy to announce that these cameras are now operational and will be helping with antisocial behaviour and checking up on antisocial behaviour, and we’re happy to be working with the NSW Police,” Cr Hanger said at the time.

The tender for Stage 2 closes on October 22 – you can find out more here.


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