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Bosch Adds Vidos Pro Software To Ip Solution

The modular software suite tailors VIDOS to a broad range of application types and sizes and significantly extends the abilities of the basic VIDOS system. It can create a completely new IP-based CCTV system, or migrate from analogue to digital and integrate into IP. VIDOS Pro Suite is a flexible and scalable client-server software suite for medium to large CCTV installations. A central configuration allows smooth upgrading and expansion simply by adding more cameras, encoders or workstations. Central or remote management and control brings various user authorisation levels, and allows privilege allocations for cameras, monitors and alarms. It determines priorities for camera PTZ control, image viewing, recording and playback. The core of the VIDOS Pro Software Suite is the VIDOS system itself, which manages and controls all the cameras, monitors and recorders. The PC software uses graphical maps (sitemaps) for fast and intuitive user operation to manage all components in a CCTV system. A system administrator can use VIDOS to set up and configure the system by automatically scanning the network for compatible devices. This is performed while simultaneously monitoring the status of key components. VIDOS can be used with or instead of hardware decoders and analogue monitors. It is the central point to which encoders stream high-quality video, audio and alarm information. It is also the central point for camera control and relay activation. The VIDOS Pro Suite allows larger systems to be built with easy assignment of privileges. The VIDOS Client thus provides the same functions as a stand-alone workstation, but with all user privileges and priorities held in the VIDOS Server database. Operators can use the familiar IntuiKey digital keyboard with joystick (used with Bosch’s Allegiant Multiplexer and DVR’s) to control cameras and camera-to-monitor switching. The keyboard can be used to switch between different sitemaps, and select and drag camera and monitor icons to different positions. An Automation Interface module is part of the VIDOS Pro Suite System Integration package and allows VIDOS to be controlled from an external computer, such as in a fire control centre or in a building integration project. For such systems, Bosch’s proprietary Building Integration System (BIS) also provides powerful software for full CCTV system projects. VIDOS Configuration Manager is a powerful generic configuration tool for client, server, user group, privilege, encoder and decoder settings. It provides license management and network scan for connected devices. The VIDOS Lite Viewer acts either as a stand-alone viewer for small systems or as a client to a VIDOS server. It offers selectable video window presets, PTZ and MUX control, and local hard disk recording and event display. The viewer can also be integrated in LAN and ISDN infrastructures. VIDOS Archive Player is an enhanced free replay tool for VIDOS and VIDOS Lite Viewer. This can playback from encoders, NVRs and local PC hard drives. It offers camera and event search and, using VIDOS Exporter, simultaneous downloads from multiple devices can be exported to any storage drive and burnt directly to CD. VIDOS Monitor Wall allows virtual hardware monitors to be addressed by any VIDOS client. The layout of the Monitor Wall can be easily changed to suit different requirements and scenarios. These can range from a very large plasma display to multiple LCD screens showing different camera views. As many as 50 different pre-set, selectable video windows can be displayed simultaneously on a dual screen monitor, under full software control and many of them in full D1 resolution and frame-rate.


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