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Crow Australia Moves Corporate Office

The new facility offers Crow more warehouse space to store a lot more PowerWave control panels and Crow Detectors in order to meet the dramatic increase of sales throughout Australia, New Zealand & the Asian region. Managing Director Yossi Harel says, “Crow for the past 20 years has supported our distributors in the market place and offered a range of Detectors and Wireless products that have been very successful. “With the market heading in the direction of CCTV and other unique GSM products, we needed to expand our operation to offer local sales & support in WA & NSW for our new range of security equipment. “Our new office in Victoria allows us to better service our existing distributors and hold the increased stock levels to meet the increased sales demands.” Crow has recognised that the latest technology available to the security industry is moving very rapidly and has identified the need for constant training of distributors and installers alike. Technical Director Hezy Alima says, “we are no longer just a detector company and with the success of the PowerWave range of panels, we recognise the need to offer comprehensive training to our clients. “We have built a large training room at our new premises in order to adequately train our distributors and their customers.” Crow also has these facilities in their NSW and WA offices with the technical staff available to offer training onsite or at the customers premises.” Until date Crow in Victoria has not had a showroom for their equipment. In the new premises a large area has been set aside to display all of the latest products offered by Crow. Distributors, Installers and their customers are welcome to use these displays to assist with their sales opportunities. Harel says, “We have selected this facility to accommodate for the growth of Crow over the next 5 to 10 years. We have put in place the technology and now the facility to see us well into the next growth phase of Crow in Australasia. “We have streamlined processes and operations using the latest technology to increase our productivity while not deterring from our main focus. Crow has put the infrastructure in place and is ready to take on all the major players in the market.” Crow moved into its new building in early February and looks forward to seeing distributors and their clients take advantage of the facilities available to them.


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