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CSD Launches HID Mobile Access Service

CSD has launched its new HID mobile access service, saving end users money by using smart devices as access credentials.

“Our new HID Mobile Access service which now makes this unique system of presenting your mobile at a reader, to gain access to a building, attainable for all our customers,” said Mark Edwards general manager products and marketing at CSD. “We can now provide HID mobile access credentials for all installations with as few as 10 users – and up.”

CSD’s self-managed, HID Mobile Access portal allows installers and integrators to issue HID Mobile Access credentials in smaller quantities, making this service available for smaller sites. Traditionally to gain access to the HID Mobile Access credentials the Integrator or End User had to manage their own portal and buy Mobile Access credentials in minimum order quantities of 100. CSD’s managed portal makes HID Mobile accessible to everyone, opening up the market opportunities to every size of installation.

“Think of these Mobile Access credentials a simply just another HID, in house credential that can be ordered by any of our customers,” Edwards said. “They simply need to send us an order for however many credentials they require and very quickly the validation keys are emailed to the integrator.

“Unlike the programmed house access cards, there will never be a duplicated HID/CSD Mobile Access credential. This is just another service CSD is offering to ensure that all our customers have access to the latest technologies available in the market.”

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