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Dormakaba RG80 Lock

Dormakaba RG80 Lock

♦ Dormakaba RG80 lock is designed for securing gates, roller doors, shipping containers and any other commercial door or entry, no matter how rugged the environment.

Designed with weatherproofing as one of its critical features, the RG80 offers an impressive IP67 weather and dust resistance, and an E-coated aluminium lock body and strike for excellent corrosion resistance.

With full monitoring outputs including tamper-proof detection along with user configurable control settings, the RG80 can offer feedback about gate and bolt pin positions – whether in place and whether secured – vital information in high security applications.

Dormakaba RG80 Specifications:

* Lock dimensions: 150L x 80W x 80H mm
* Strike dimensions: 60L x 80W x 80H mm
* Holding force is 5000kg (50,000n)
* Voltage is 12–24VDC +/-15 per cent
* Standby current draw @12VDC is 40mA, at @24VDC is 30mA
* Maximum draw at @12VDC is 1000mA, at @24VDC is 500mA
* With heater on at @24VDC is 2000mA.

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