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Ge And Cubic Launch Combo Ticketing Explosives Detection

The new system represents the first component of the companies’ joint vision for the integration of real world, technology-enabled security solutions into a wide range of automatic fare collection ‘touch points.’ Shown publicly for the first time at the American Public Transit Association’s annual Legislative Conference in Washington, D.C., the ticketing machine incorporates GE’s innovative fingertip trace detection analyzer, the Itemiser FX, into Cubic’s advanced automatic fare collection (AFC) system. The ticket vending machine is a result of a development agreement between GE Security and Cubic Corp. announced last year that is intended to create and field new security solutions to help make public transit operations, facilities and passengers safer. Cubic and GE are working with the Department of Homeland Security and transit agencies to expand the use of technology-based security solutions as part of their overall vision. Additionally, the ticket vending machine has been selected for a transit pilot program to be announced in the coming weeks. “This ticketing machine is the first in a series of innovations we plan to deliver to help improve security and safety of public transit systems around the world,” said Dennis Cooke, president, GE Security’s Homeland Protection business. “Through this joint initiative with Cubic, GE expects to leverage its deep security expertise, and its vision for the future, to offer practical real-world security solutions to transit operators.” “With many years of experience in the transit industry, Cubic has a unique understanding of our transit customers’ primary mission, which is to move people through their systems quickly, efficiently and conveniently. This first-of-a-kind explosives-detection-capable AFC systems device from Cubic and GE offers transit operators a critical layer of security that is compatible with normal transit operations,” said Walt Bonneau, vice president of transit technology for Cubic Corporation. The agreement takes advantage of GE’s expertise in explosives detection and Cubic’s expertise in integrated automatic fare collection systems and concept of operations to create design concepts for advanced integrated products to help make passenger travel on public transit systems safer. The companies are inviting public transit authorities to participate in the joint development activities. “The Cubic/GE integrated explosives detection system represents an innovative application of proven technology that begins to address public transit’s security challenges while minimizing patron inconvenience,” said Tom Parker, manager of fare collection capital, Bay Area Rapid Transit, after viewing a recent demonstration of the system. The first operational explosives-detection-capable ticket-vending machine was demonstrated for industry and government attendees at APTA’s Legislative Conference yesterday in Washington.


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