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Gsm Monitoring Solution

While not available in Australia at this time, the release indicates there’s ongoing interest in employing RF-based monitoring solutions on a global scale thanks to falling service and hardware prices. Along with alarm monitoring the system can also be used to handle reporting functions like low water level, or plant breakdowns. You can also send an SMS to the system and activate the power supply. RC60SMS is a GSM-based alarm system with eight zones where up to four zones are optional analog or digital and four outputs for remote control. In case of an alarm an SMS is sent to optional receiver. You connect the lighting or airconditioning to the RC60SMS and activate it by sending an SMS to the system even when you are not at home. If you want to know the status of the system – just send an SMS and you will receive a back report on your mobile phone. The RC60SMS is equipped with an output for a siren and arming/disarming the system is done using a hard-wired bypass switch or by sending an SMS to the system. The RC60SMS is programmed from PC or via SMS. RC60PRO is an enlarged version of the RC60SMS. Apart from the features in the RC60SMS the RC60PRO is equipped with test alarm function, event log and integrated temperature alarm. The system can also send Contact-ID. With a PC it is easy to upload, download and control the system even from distance. RC60SMS and RC60PRO have a current consumption of appr. 30mA and is supplied with 10-30VDC. The products are delivered with an integrated GSM-modem, Dualband GSM-antenna with 1.5 m antenna cable and a cabinet.


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