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ICT Releases Protege DIN Rail Network Extender

DESIGNED to extend the network capabilities of the Protege system, the Protege DIN Rail Module Network Repeater is connected via RS-485 or Ethernet providing optical isolation between up to 3 branches of the module network, and simplifies network and power connectivity.

When using Ethernet expansion, the module network repeater communicates via UDP through a switch or router and allows linking of module networks that run between 2 buildings within a close proximity, removes the need to run expensive cabling over long networks, allows running of cables to physical locations that would break the normal daisy chain design of the module network and resolves issues with networks that are experiencing connectivity/communication issues caused by ground loops or long distance runs

The network repeater can be placed virtually anywhere on the RS-485 module network, allowing installers create up to 3 isolated RS-485 Network Spurs, ideal for connecting keypads or devices that are located outside or in publicly accessible areas. It also allows installers to take over existing installations that use spur wiring without the need to completely rewire the system.

Installers can configure RS-485 biasing for each of the COM ports enabling them to set master or slave configurations giving more reliable communication between the network repeater and the connected modules. ♦

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