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Intrepid MicroPoint PoE

Intrepid MicroPoint PoE

♦ Intrepid MicroPoint PoE from Perimeter Security Australia is a PoE perimeter fence detection system ideal for applications with cut-or-climb intrusion risks.

Proprietary digital signal processing algorithms precisely locate intrusion attempts to within 3m while ignoring harmless disturbances caused by wind, rain or vehicle traffic, producing superior probability of detection and a low nuisance alarm rate.

This IP-based solution couples the field-proven performance of MicroPoint II with TCP/IP network integration via a single Ethernet cable, providing installation and maintenance convenience, system design flexibility and lower infrastructure costs.

With a coverage area of 400 m per processor, the MicroPoint-POE system consists of a Processor Module and 2 sensor cables that are
tie-wrapped to a perimeter fence or topper wire. The system’s sensitivity levelling calibration process ensures uniform detection
performance across various fence fabrics and tensions, making MicroPoint-POE an ideal solution for challenging applications or harsh
environmental conditions.

Through proprietary ‘free format zoning’ functionality, detection zones can be assigned via web browser anywhere along the detection cable,
regardless of processor location, to efficiently tailor zoning to a site’s unique requirements.

The browser-based software integration delivers IP/PoE-based security devices and cameras, economical plug and deploy installation, user-friendly configuration via PC or mobile device alarm monitoring via server-based controller or third-party high-level interface.

MicroPoint-POE can be networked with Southwest Microwave’s complete range of POE technologies, including INTREPID Model 316-POE (CE), Model 334-POE and Model 336-POE Digital Microwave Links and INTREPID POE System Controllers.

You can find out more from Perimeter Systems Australia.

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