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Networked Access From Ir

The new software manages offline programmable locks, such as Schlage Computer-Managed (CM) locksets, to online systems including Schlage Value Integration Platform (VIP) and Wyreless open architecture locks. Controllers accommodate up to 16 readers, including PIN-enabled locks, magnetic stripe and proximity card readers, iButton readers, and biometric HandReaders and FingerKey readers. An easy-to-use GUI provides “drag and drop” assignment. “With the new IR Schlage security management system, end users have never had more flexibility to apply a tailored solution for each and every opening, whether online or offline, all managed by the same access control software, ” emphasizes Marilyn Collins, marketing manager for IR Security & Safety ECS. “It provides users with a single point of contact for all security needs and offers a seamless expansion path.” The new security management system meets banking data center security standards. It views, acknowledges and secures all alarms, defines an unlimited number of alarm conditions, sends alarms to pre-defined workstations in order of priority, emails appropriate recipients and receives videos of alarms. The IR Schlage software supports both online and offline credentials and lets users design and edit badge layout. Visitor management can be fully integrated so that operators can assign access control privileges to authorized guests. It can even order the printing of appropriate guest badges. Using the new software in conjunction with video systems, users are provided convenient searchable criteria, easy distribution of video clips, and immediate retrieval of transaction or alarms and associated video clips. Users are able to generate, email and print pre-defined or customized reports on alarm or archive history, credential holders, database, guest passes and transaction history in any standard format. For security tour management, the system is extremely flexible, allowing an unlimited number of checkpoints with any card swipe or active contact to be a checkpoint. The new software also offers advanced offline and online capabilities as well. “It’s a terrific advantage to be able to connect both offline and online access systems under one platform,” explains Collins. “Lower security openings in an existing structure are best equipped with offline, battery-powered locksets as an appropriate access control solution while high security, perimeter, or heavy traffic openings are best equipped with online, hard-wired or wireless access control solutions. Biometric technology expands both online and offline security options dramatically. “And now, with the IR Schlage security management system, customers can get creative with solutions, mixing and matching such access control options without needing help from their systems administrators to train, manage or keep up to date with a series of access control management systems.” The new security management system capitalizes on the latest technology available from Schlage, including VIP and wireless solutions. Both online solutions offer end users substantially lower installation costs than other online options and provide optimal retrofit conditions. The VIP open architecture platform seamlessly connects the specially designed door lock to a panel interface board (PIB) that connects to the security management system panel. Users access the VIP lock with either magnetic stripe or HID proximity cards. Wireless systems use less hardware and install five to ten times faster. With Schlage wireless systems, it becomes extremely easy to retrofit electronic access control solutions in facilities and applications that have previously held back due to budget constraints or installation limitations. Importantly, the wireless system easily integrates into all existing access control systems and customers can continue to use their existing keys or ID credentials. In addition to managing the variety of offline and online products available from IR Security & Safety, the IR Schlage security management system also manages a variety of credentials ranging from hand geometry and finger scans, HID proximity card, magnetic stripe card, iButton, plus all the former with PIN number or PIN number only. “It is not uncommon for an application to call for different types of access credentials across a facility,” affirms Collins. “On a college campus, a student may use their hand geometry for access to the perimeter security points of their residence halls while using their ID card with magnetic stripe for access to their individual rooms. Meanwhile, the facilities management staff may prefer the use of an iButton credential because of its durability and ease of use.” The new IR Schlage security management system is available now through IR-certified access control dealers.


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