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Norman’s Favourite CCTV Solutions at Security 2015

SEN’S resident video surveillance target Norman from Tavcom, says he saw plenty that impressed him at Security 2015.

“I don’t want to tread on the editor’s toes by pre-empting his opinions about all those apps and smart watches,” said Norman, winking and flicking his fringe out of his eyes. “But generally speaking, I think the presence of H.265 and 4K were signifiers the market needs to take into account when building networks.

“The images from the new Sony 4K were obviously very good but other manufacturers also had UHD offerings and as long as image quality is considered the equal of resolution, 4K will add power to CCTV solutions in the future.”

Something else Norman liked was H.265.

“Vivotek’s H.265 camera was good to see, as was the latest Genetec Security Center beta version, which supported that Vivotek camera with no trouble. I think UHD and H.265 are made for each other, though HVEC is even more open-ended than H.264.

“Panasonic IVA and 4K, Etrovision’s 5MP with H.265 was beautifully built, new stuff from Axis, DVTel, great to see new cameras from Pelco, Hikvision is leading the way back to optical quality with Darkeye, Canon had nice new things, Dahua’s new thermal camera – so what if it’s not optical, it looks like a bloody camera – hey, stop pulling my struts – Oh!”

As he was being rolled up and shoved back into his travel case, Norman was loudly insisting that HD-SDI and other high resolution coaxial technologies were totally underrated. 

“I don't care what you all say, Todd's right!" shouted Norman, muffledly. "HD-SDI is the only video surveillance technology that can actually see me moving because electrical signals move at the speed of light! Take a look at the monitors! You never see no latency with IP (though that new Sony 4K showed surprising continuity even when broken into multiple scene views……).” ♦



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