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NX Witness Video Analytics From MGTS

NX Witness IP Video Management System seamlessly with VCA Technology provide a full suite of Video Content Analytics features and capabilities. 

Using the HTTP Generic Event API and VCA's burn-in analytics users can quickly integrate video analytics that are viewable on both live and recorded video displayed in the Nx Witness client. Suitable for both surveillance and business intelligence applications.

With a simple and intuitive user interface and without any complex engineering controls users can define a detection rule in just a few mouse clicks. Use captured Events from VCA Technology's cameras to create bookmarks, do live video text overlay, launch alarm layout, and more!

Supported on Windows, Linux, and a range of IP cameras and encoders with a cross-platform development kit, NX has a highly reliable and accurate object tracking engine supports unparalleled sensitivity with low false alarm rate and it’s possible to configure and calibrate VCA Technology to recognise target events such as intrusion detection, object detection and people counting.♦

Distributor: Metro Global Technology Supplies (MGTS)
Contact: 61 03 9555 8218


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