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Review: Cardax FT Command Centre v6.10

Review: Cardax FT Command Centre v6.10

JUST released by Gallagher, Cardax FT version 6.10 includes a new Notifications feature that supports the ability to notify individuals via email or text message of events, alarms or imminent expiries, as they occur within the Cardax FT system. Flexible subscriptions allow individuals to subscribe to the particular events of interest to them and optionally, to schedule when they want to receive those notifications. In addition, several commonly used reports can now be generated on a recurring schedule and automatically emailed to the intended recipients. The notifications feature provides email or text messaging capability for distribution of information from Cardax FT to any number of external people. Customers can choose from many email-to-SMS service providers globally. Some providers offer advanced features, such as linking the inbound text message with the original outbound text. Examples of practical applications of Events based notification include: * Security Managers can be informed of all critical alarms while they’re off site* IT Managers can monitor all entries to the server room, during working hours and after hours* Maintenance Managers can be informed of any equipment related failures, as soon as they occur* Security guards can send alarms to their PDA while out of the control room, and then disable the notifications easily on their return* Supervisors can also receive an email report when any of their staff have cards or competencies due to expire* Supervisors can configure the warning period to ensure their staff have enough time to re-submit security applications or attend their refresher courses* Scheduled emailed reports mean site managers can have a report of all activity over the weekend waiting in their Inbox each Monday morning when they get into work.New guard tour functionalityNew Guard Tour functionality within Cardax FT v6.10 enables Guards to visit checkpoints in a prescribed order and within configured timeframes. Alarms are raised in Cardax FT Command Centre for:* Early and/or late arrival at checkpoint* Arrival at wrong checkpoint* Non-arrival at checkpoint* Operators can stop and start tours, from any checkpoint. Additional functionality includes the integration of D10 Tautwire and D21 disturbance sensors. The integration of these new perimeter intrusion detection sensors extends the capability of Cardax FT in managing and monitoring perimeter security. D10 Tautwire sensors installed on the perimeter fence allows Cardax FT to monitor and detect perimeter intrusion attempts through measuring the mechanical disturbance of a tensioned fence wire. The balance of tension is altered when a wire is disturbed through an attack, creating an alarm in the system.Meanwhile, D21 disturbance sensors installed on the perimeter fence or other structures (e.g. building walls or roofs) enable Cardax FT to monitor and detect intrusion attempts through measuring the transfer of energy within a structure when it is disturbed. The sensor analyses the disturbance and signals an alarm when user-defined thresholds are exceeded.Tight integrations between the Cardax FT Controller 6000 and D10 Tautwire or D21 disturbance sensors offer proven and sophisticated detection systems for both the perimeter fence and other structures. Integration with Cardax FT can include either D10 Tautwire Sensors only, D21 disturbance sensors only or a combination of both to provide ultimate detection coverage. This integration allows multiple perimeter deterrent and detection technologies to be combined and utilized in conjunction with access control and intruder alarm management all on one platform within Cardax FT.

“Integration of new perimeter intrusion detection sensors extends the capability of Cardax FT in managing and monitoring perimeter security”

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