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Rokonet And Dvtel Integrating Intruder Alarms And Network Video

ProSYS is installed in thousands of commercial, institutional and industrial sites worldwide. DVTel’s iSOC’s has at its core the Latitude NVMS, which is an IP-based, end-to-end digital solution, leveraging existing cameras, intercom systems, storage devices, along with off-the-shelf network and computer equipment.

The iSOC allows users to view, capture, record, analyze, report, transport and store high-quality video and audio – anytime, anywhere and is scalable from one camera to thousands.

The integration was performed for a high security installation that required TCP/IP connectivity and control of intruder alarms, video streaming and access control from multiple distributed sites, together with control room redundancy.

ProSYS was chosen for this project by the system integrator due its advanced integration capabilities, high performance and ROKONET’s excellent integration support.

DVTel’s iSOC was chosen because it effectively integrates with existing security products to leverage and protect investments in legacy infrastructure and equipment while offering the superior functionality to effectively respond to any security challenge.

“DVTel is committed to leading the change from closed, proprietary security systems to open, standards-based platforms,” said Eli Gorovici, DVTel president and CEO.

“ROKONET joins our expanding list of market-leading partners with whom we are collaborating to develop and provide the best comprehensive, integrated security solution available in the market.”

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