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Ronnie Rotakin Blasts “Bitrate Bullshit”

RONNIE Rotakin, a motorised CCTV target designed to show blur in moving scenes, said he was delighted by news he’d soon be winging his way to Australia to take part in SecTech Roadshow.

Ronnie said he was happy enough with the early spring in London but now there’s been a cold snap he’s keen to head south before his motor seizes up, the exchange rate gets worse or he reads "anything more about bloody Brexit in The Telegraph".

“This year’s SecTech Camera Shootout Series will be interesting,” Ronnie said. “We’ll be looking at some compact cameras, as well as the higher end stuff. That’s always an interesting comparison. And while I might look a bit unusual when compared to that Norman target SEN has been favouring lately, if there’s any funny business with 1/5th of second shutter speeds in low light, I’m the one who’ll find out. 

“Motion blur is the worst for end users with serious operational concerns and I can’t wait to give installers and end users some empirical evidence to work with.”

According to Ronnie, while SEN’s editor keeps going on about a 6000Kbps bitrate, he’s planning to challenge cameras much more vigorously than that.

“Show me the integrator who gets a 6Mbps channel per camera in the real world when trying to cram 250 HD cameras onto a tired legacy network at a bigger RSL club or shopping centre,” said Ronnie, in scornful tones. "To employ the Aussie vernacular, I think huge bitrates are bullshit as far as serious installers are concerned.

“I’ll be recommending capping bitrate at 1500Kbps – especially for the low end cameras. There’s no point flying all the way down to Australia and bumping across the country in a truck if we don’t try to keep manufacturers honest.” 

Incumbent test target, Norman, refused to comment on these technical speculations but stayed locked in his case muttering that if SecTech's organisers had wanted to show motion blur, he could have spun around on his tippytoes if anyone had bothered asking him to try.

Installers, integrators, consultants and end users can register for SecTech Roadshow here. ♦ 



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