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Rosslare AC-Q41SB Keypad Controller

Rosslare AC-Q41SB Keypad Controller Supports 500 Users.

Rosslare AC-Q41SB Keypad Controller Supports 500 Users.

Rosslare AC-Q41SB Keypad Controller – Rosslare AC-Q41SB anti-vandal keypad controller is a slim, back-lit metal keypad, with a rugged IP65-rated build, integrated heater and potted epoxy filler to protect against water and dust ingress.

Rosslare AC-Q41SB keypad controller supports 500 users, has a built-in heater and flexible programming capabilities, including a unique code search for simple user management and a non-volatile memory to protect database, mode and parameter storage.

The keypad allows management of up to 500 users can have PIN user credentials to manage access, with 3 security levels of up to 8-digit PIN codes, incorporating timed code lockout after 3 wrong attempts, and tri-coloured LEDs and an integrated sounder for programming and operation.

Rosslare AC-Q41SB Keypad Controller

Rosslare AC-Q41SB keypad controller has optical tamper detection, automatic internal heater prevents key freeze at -20C, 10 programmable modes for auxiliary input and output (2A Form C Relay), 2A Form C strike relay for fail-safe and fail-secure, with input for REX. The keypad supports door ajar, forced, shunt, monitor and secure mode doorbell key feature operation when installed with Rosslare’s BL-D40 accessory.

The keypad is IP65-rated against dust and water, has an operating temperature of -20 to 60C, dimensions of 120 x 76 x 22mm, and a weight of 521g and comes with a 5-year warranty. Operating voltage range is 12 to 24V DC from a regulated power supply, or 12 to 24V AC from a transformer, an input current (heater off) with standby draw of 70 mA and a maximum draw of 130 mA at 12V DC, or with heater on, a standby draw of 550 mA, with a maximum draw of 610 mA.

More news from SEN read more about Rosslare here.

Rosslare AC-Q41SB Keypad Controller Features:

  • Capacity 500 users, single / dual code each
  • Keypad 3×4 Blue illuminated Keys for local programming and 4 to 8 digit PIN codes entry
  • User Levels Normal, Secure, Master
  • Security Modes Normal, Bypass, Secure
  • Audio/Visual Interface for BL-D40 (bell, chime, and siren enunciator)
  • 2 tri-colour LED indicators, built-in sounder
  • Design Epoxy potted, fully sealed in a rugged IP65 metal enclosure.

“Rosslare AC-Q41SB Keypad Controller Supports 500 Users.”

Rosslare AC Q41SB Keypad Controller With Prox
Rosslare AC-Q41SB Keypad Controller with prox.


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