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Senstar Tungsten Secures Physical Security Networks

SENSTAR Tungsten is a high security Ethernet switch, distributed locally by BGWT and specifically designed to cyber-secure physical security networks, SCADA-based systems and safe-city applications.

Tungsten provides ironclad security with full control and customizable networking capabilities. Cutting-edge hardware, coupled with network intelligence and policy enforcement software engines, offer an effective tool for securing sites and installations.

Tungsten can be used as the foundation for field and physical security communications networks and enhance infrastructure safety with key features including rugged hardware, designed to withstand extreme
environmental conditions, fibre optic and RJ45 ports with high-power PoE capabilities for simple installation and increased switch functionality, for fewer devices in the field and less points of possible failure, such as media converters, power supply and injectors, serial device servers, I/O controllers, etc.

There’s also continuous monitoring and analysis of data traffic of all elements and points in the network, cyber protection, not only for servers and network points, but also for all elements in the field. A multi-layer security enforcement tool located at the edge of the network, Tungsten allows for detection and identification of every element and endpoint in the network, real-time alerts and the ability to block any attempt to connect an unauthorized device to the network.

There’s inspection of the incoming and outgoing traffic, at port level, so only known, safe, and identified traffic, from authorized entities, is allowed, detection of Layer2 and Layer3 cyber-attacks: CAM overflow, ARP spoofing or poisoning, IP address spoofing, streaming and video hijacking, and spanning-tree protocol manipulation and denial of services. There’s also reporting and taking automatic action to restore the continuous operation of the network and protection of hardware and making switch policy enforcement tamperproof.

Senstar Tunsten 2 low res

A combination of 10/100/1000 copper Ethernet ports and fibre (SFP) slots covers a wide range of installation requirements and Tungsten supports classic star topologies as well as redundant ring topologies, dry contact input and output, for monitoring discreet sensors or environmental conditions and activating external devices such as audio alarms or warning lights. There’s also support for both DIN-rail and wall-mount installation options and dedicated external serial port (RS232, RS422, or RS485) for connecting legacy devices.

A heavy-duty aluminum die-cast casing is used for optimal heat Dissipation and Tungsten complies with industrial temperature ratings, as well as a wide range of DC input voltages and high PoE power (240W), including ultra-high standard (60W) support. It is fully compliant with IEEE 802.3af, IEEE 802.3 at 2-event and LLDP standards and supports forced-mode powering for compatibility with legacy devices.♦




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