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Shepparton City Council Seeks Maintenance of Safe City Solution

Greater Shepparton City Council has taken to tender ongoing maintenance of its Safer City Camera Network (CCTV) System. The Safer City Camera Network was installed in 2014 and comprises 19 closed circuit television (CCTV) surveillance cameras in the Shepparton central business district. Images captured by the system are recorded and stored for 31 days. 

The maintenance contract includes re-instatement of lapsed software maintenance agreements; ongoing maintenance software; maintenance agreements for term of contract (12 months); maintainance of all necessary system design, programming (videotext, point descriptors, display maps, alarm message text) and engineering. The contract also covers ongoing system maintenance and reporting to specification; provision of ongoing responsive service to specifications; provision of annual on-site system training to specifications, plus specific training on a case-by-case basis; any other works required by the specifications to complete the system to an acceptable functional and industry standard.

Shepparton Fryers St Camera 0
Axis fixed camera on mounting pole at Fryers St, Shepparton

This contract is offered for an initial 12-month period, following a successful 12 months, GSCC will review with the surveillance system contractor the option for an ongoing contract on a yearly basis with an option for up to 4 individual years. 

The Safer City Camera Network is a partnership project between Victoria Police and the Greater Shepparton City Council. The network was part funded by the Department of Justice’s Public Safety Infrastructure Fund, the Attorney Generals Department’s Safer Suburbs Program Taxi Security Scheme and the Greater Shepparton City Council.

Shepparton Police monitoring CCTV by Meredith OShea 0
Police officers monitor the Safer City Camera Network: Image by Meredith O'Shea

Objectives of the GSCC Safer City Camera network include improving perceptions of safety within the network area and late night venues, reduction of anti-social behaviour and property damage within the Maude Street Mall, Maude Street Bus Interchange and late night venues within the network area, to encourage increased community confidence and enjoyment of public spaces and retail areas and to support local police to detect and respond effectively to incidents, incident escalations and antisocial behaviour.

The contract closes on March 23, 2016. ♦


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