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SIA Announces Push For Security Device Network Protocols

SIA’s decision to define the security-specific information bases stems from the surge of security devices hosted on enterprise networks. SNMP allows monitoring and supervision of network devices and the move could apply to any network connected electronic security device. Functionally, SNMP commands operate through MIBs embedded in an IP device. 
Currently, there are no standard MIBs defined by the security industry, leaving individual manufacturers to define custom MIBs in their products. Characterizing a set of industry-wide MIBs, could essentially be used to provide a uniform means of monitoring security devices within the widely-used SNMP structure, according to SIA.
“This is an obvious opportunity for the SIA Standards Committee to plug a big hole,” says Ray Coulombe, managing director of SecuritySpecifiers.com says. 
“Most responsible vendors offer SNMP functionality, but there is no guidance on exactly what this should provide. This effort will bring the industry into closer harmony with a major IP-related protocol and allow for better integration of security devices into the network fabric.”
Coulombe will lead an ad-hoc SIA Standards Subcommittee that will begin working on the project in early August. Those interested in joining the subcommittee should contact SIA Director of Standards Joe Gittens at jgittens@siaonline.org.


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