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Sydney Trains Seeks Cloud-Based Portable Duress Alarm System

SYDNEY Trains is seeking to provide 2500 staff with the capacity to use smartphones as a platform for a portable duress alarm (PDA) Service.

When the PDA application is activated, a notification is sent via the contractor’s PDA service to the Security Operations team at Sydney Trains, which provides information on the user’s location, contact details and the nature of the incident, in a monitoring portal supplied by the contractor. Additional support services are also being sought, including the provision of training videos, a help desk, and reporting and analysis services.

Proposals are invited from qualified suppliers to provide the PDA Service, which consists, amongst other things, of the following elements:

* An Application (the PDA application) that is available on a user’s smartphone (Android or iOS) and allows the user to notify Sydney Trains Security Operations and/or police and emergency services (000) of an incident

* The PDA application will allow users to be tracked, in a defined work Location, and/or to notify security operations that they are working in an isolated working mode.

* When a user activates the application, it will generate a notification to security operations which provides the user’s name, phone number and identity, as well as the type of incident that has occurred

* A system that receives the notification and displays it as an alarm to security operations at Sydney Trains using a monitoring portal, hosted by the contractor, or the contractor’s third party.

* Potentially, the inclusion of a wearable device that can be used to remotely operate the PDA Application on the user’s smartphone.

The intention is that, when at work (in defined work locations), the staff can either use the wearable (if procured), operate the PDA application directly, or use the smartphone (as a phone), to contact 000 or Sydney Trains Security Operations.

The procurement will be conducted using a procure IT contract, a draft of which is included in the RFX documentation.

Mandatory requirements:

* To be eligible to participate suppliers must have at least one customer with more than 2000 users.
* To be eligible to participate suppliers must be an existing member of NSW Government ICT Services Scheme or applied for the membership of NSW Government ICT Services Scheme.

The tender closes July 9, 2018.


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