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Valen Off-Grid Solar Camera System

VALEN Energy is now offering an off-grid solar powered solution for MOBOTIX camera installations. Its solar-powered poles, which have already been widely used for street lighting across Australia, are now available in a specially prefabricated configuration for MOBOTIX cameras.

The lightweight aluminium columns feature high-efficiency shatterproof glassless solar panels, making them vandal-proof and they are very easy to install. A pole can be erected in as little as half an hour and does not require any underground cabling. In fact, with a minimum foundation size of just 300 by 500mm, there is no need to dig up the pavement at all, making these poles great for public spaces, where underground services are often a worry.

Solar is an ideal power source for the cameras, particularly in Australia with its long hours of sunshine and MOBOTIX cameras are a particularly good fit, given their very low power consumption and IP66 certification for extreme outdoor conditions.

Distributor: Suretek
Contact: 612 8787 9865 or contact@suretek.com.au


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