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VIP Security Showcasing Mobotix Solutions at Bus & Coach, Rotorua

NEW Zealand-based integrator VIP Security will be showcasing its MOBOTIX CCTV solution for public buses at the annual Bus and Coach Conference next week, running from 4 to 6 October in Rotorua, New Zealand. 

Using MOBOTIX cameras, VIP Security developed an innovative solution to several of the challenges specific to recording, storing and retrieving footage on moving buses. It has also been designed to handle environmental conditions, such as power fluctuations, vibrations heat, humidity and dust.

The flexible MOBOTIX S15, with 2 hemispheric sensors, and hemispheric Q25, were all that was required to cover the entire area of each bus, significantly keeping costs down. This was combined with a vibration-proof SSD for medium long-term storage of footage, also installed on each bus.


MOBOTIX outdoor cameras were ideal because they have no moving parts and are IP66 certified, making them extremely robust and reliable. Furthermore, because MOBOTIX technology is flexible and customisable, the integrator was able to harness the intelligence of the MOBOTIX firmware to create a number of additional features.

Footage can be automatically be downloaded for retrieval from a bus where an incident has occurred, the next time the relevant bus enters the depot. Also, automatic health checks run every time a bus enters the depot, ensuring all aspects of the camera’s recording and storage are functioning correctly.

Bus CameraView

The longevity and reliability of MOBOTIX cameras, along with the SSD memory storage, make this a great long-term solution with a significant ROI, which potential to become even greater in the future, as both MOBOTIX camera technology and external storage technology continue to develop. ♦

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