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Vision Systems Enhances Key Solutions

Vision Systems Enhances Key Solutions

The new features include the ability to interface ADPRO FastTrace with retailers’ EPOS (Electronic Point-of-Sale) technology to combat fraud; a new Software Development Kit (SDK) to allow the easier integration of Video Central with third-party technologies; and a double password protection feature in line with new legislation that now requires at least two individuals to be present when reviewing recorded CCTV images. The new EPOS interface has been launched specifically to help retailers identify and combat fraud amongst employees as well as protecting innocent staff from being wrongly accused. The new ADPRO EPOS interface synchronises video and audio with serial data from various Point-of-Sale devices including Electronic Cash Registers, and other transactional devices. The new Software Development Kit (SDK) has been launched to help installers and Central Station Operators to more easily integrate ADPRO Video Central software with third party technologies such as other CCTV and alarm management software. The third development is the launch of a double password protection feature to meet the needs of new European Labour Laws. This requires at least two individuals to be present to review recorded images; a double password capability has therefore been included requiring two authorised users to log into ADPRO Video Central without which the video footage cannot be seen. “Data relating to any and all transactions can now be recorded, retrieved and displayed in conjunction with the relevant images of the corresponding activity at the till,” explained Jeff Kitching, Sales Director – ADPRO. “This enables the retailer to identify, without any doubt, fraudulent employee activity with images and transactional data, producing compelling evidence that is admissible in court, should the employer wish to take the matter further. As well as actively deterring those employees most inclined to take part in such activities, it also protects the integrity of their more honest work colleagues.” “Central Stations want to provide their customers with a premium remote video monitoring service. Over the years, however, as the number of connections has increased, so too has the number of communications media deployed. This means operators needed specific training and skills for each new system which in the long term is neither viable, nor efficient, nor is it a sensible investment of the RVRC’s time and resource. The introduction of the new ADPRO Video Central SDK will now allow RVRCs to manage all alarms from a single user interface.” “This development means that video footage cannot now be viewed unless there is a legitimate reason to do so, and an agreement between two pre-determined people that it is necessary. Employees and customers can feel secure that their privacy is being protected at all times.” The latest versions of software to include these features are ADPRO FastTrace Ver2.01 and ADPRO Video Central Ver9.01.

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