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Avigilon H.264 H3 Megapixel Cameras

AVIGILON has released its next-generation H.264 camera technology, the H3 platform with enhanced High-Definition Stream Management (HDSM). Requiring 4x less bandwidth in challenging lighting conditions than previous generations of H.264 cameras, H3 takes full advantage of Avigilon’s innovative HDSM technology.
The 3 and 5MP cameras on the H3 platform capture high quality HD video surveillance footage up to 2.5x the resolution of 1080p. These high-definition cameras will help security professionals monitor a variety of wide areas with unsurpassed image clarity. 
The H3 3 and 5MP dome and box-body cameras feature a 3-9 mm lens with P-Iris and wide-dynamic range (3 MP) for industry-leading performance in variable lighting conditions. The cameras also have remote focus and zoom for ease of installation.
Avigilon’s 3 and 5 MP cameras on the H3 platform deliver enhanced High-Definition Stream Management allows for expanded multi-streaming for efficient playback on the Avigilon Control Center software, as well as advanced data aging to reduce long-term archival storage requirements up to 20x.
H3 offers improved low-light image performance provides superior images at night, wide-dynamic-range performance (3MP) to cover scenes with challenging illumination in high detail and remote focus and zoom for maximum image clarity and ease of installation.
There’s integrated 3-9mm F1.2 lens with P-Iris support that maximizes image quality by allowing the camera to manage auto-iris positioning, ONVIF compliance to provide open support of leading video management systems and image transmission over IP networks using the latest H.264 technology to achieve the lowest network bandwidth, requiring minimal storage for video at high frame rates with superior image quality. 
H3 cameras are PoE, 12 VDC, or 24 VAC. The new 3 and 5 MP cameras on the H3 platform will begin shipping in May 2012. 
Distributor: Avigilon Asia Pacific
Contact: 61 7 3841 8882


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