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Baxall Australia Launches Qvs Cctv Brand

ACCORDING to Baxall’s Paul Thompson, the QVS product range includes a wide range of digital video recording systems and surveillance accessories and cameras including some exciting new products such as the QLCDR Combination Series offering a high quality digital video recorder and a 15-inch or 19-inch LCD monitor in one, integrated package. “The QVS range is a very exciting milestone for us as we now have the chance to tailor products to meet the specific needs of our customers” says Thompson. “Our primary focus is performance and reliability and, delivering some unique solutions, all at a cost effective price point.”In another development, Baxall Distribution Australia reports it is now distributing the full range of Sanyo CCTV Products to the video surveillancemarket in Australia.“The Sanyo CCTV lineup includes recording systems and surveillance cameras including the very clever Pan Focus camera family incorporating pan-focus technology, a technique that allows simultaneous focusing on all objects in a camera’s field of view,” Thompson explains. “This is a truly revolutionary development with major applications across many industries, particularly those with unmanned surveillance systems. “Sanyo has history of producing reliable, leading edge cameras and the current line-up is an excellent compliment our existing product range,” says Thompson. Baxall is a direct seller and distributor of security surveillance and monitoring equipment, including closed circuit television cameras, digital video recorders and related products. “The QVS Electronic Security product range joins an impressive array of product available from Baxall Distribution Australia; including leading industry manufacturers Baxall, Verint, Mitsubishi, IFS, Sanyo, Covi Technologies, Samsung and American Dynamics,” Thompson says. Baxall currently employs over 29 people and has warehouse and office facilities in Melbourne, Sydney Brisbane and more recently Perth. Since its establishment in March 2005, the business has grown rapidly with revenue in FY06 of $5M and has an expectation for year-on-year growth over the next two years of over 100 per cent per annum to approximately $12M in FY07 and $20M in FY08.


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