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Bosch Service Keypad Makes Programming Easy

NEW CP799 service keypad has been designed to assist installers and techs working on Solution 6000 alarm panels.

Bosch's service keypad allows installers anywhere on the system to easily log into programming mode, interrogate zone or output status, review the history log and perform other functions as if they were using the main keypad. 

Bosch CP799 does not need to be addressed, so no need to scan the LAN to recognise it. The keypad can be temporarily plugged onto any module on the system that has a service port header through its 1.5m lead. Built-in security means that the system will only respond to CP799 if the panel has been placed in service mode from one of the main keypads or the panel box tamper input is unsealed. 

The CP799 includes a built-in DF smart card reader, allowing RFID cards and tokens to be easily enrolled directly at the keypad if required. Alpha text characters have also been included on the keypad buttons which help speed up text entry at the keypad. 

Distributor: Bosch Security Systems
Contact: 1300 026 724 (BOSCH)


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