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Dedicated Micros Has Designs On Domes

DM acquired Dennard in 2003 and since that time the skills, expertise and business systems of the two organisations – both market leaders in their own right – have been brought ever closer together. Commented Chris Boyce, Dedicated Micros Commercial Director: “The re-branding ties-in with our long term strategy to promote Dedicated Micros as a single source ‘one-stop-shop’ supplier for DVRs, servers, domes, control equipment, matrices and associated accessories. Ultimately, we believe that the procurement of DM products should be as simple as possible for customers wherever they may be in the supply chain. Of course single source procurement also offers efficiency benefits, whether it be cross-product plug and play installation or in the event of a problem on site only one support call to make.” “We are extremely confident about the future for the re-branded product portfolio; whilst the Dennard name may be disappearing its long and enviable track record over more than 40 years provides a strong foundation to extend the DM product offering into new untapped markets. Dome cameras in particular are a very visible way of highlighting a DM connection to end users in stark contrast to our DVRs which tend to be hidden away from view. There are also tremendous opportunities for growth in sales of dome cameras by cross selling in areas where we already have a strong presence with other DM products.”


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