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Griffith Unis Gallagher Command Centre V6.10

Griffith University have been using a third party system for E-mail & SMS notifications for alarm management across all their 5 campuses for several years, and have recently replaced it with the Gallagher Notifications feature.
Gallagher technical account manager, Mike Margrain, received an SMS from Griffith’s Gallagher system administrator that read, “Loving Notifications – so much more powerful, flexible and seamless than our previous system”.
The major driver behind changing to Notifications was the ability to email internal clients advising that their card is about to expire.  
The new Notifications feature supports the ability to notify individuals via email or text message of events, alarms or imminent expiries, as they occur within the Gallagher system. Flexible subscriptions allow individuals to subscribe to the particular events of interest to them and optionally, to schedule when they want to receive those notifications. 
In addition, several commonly used reports can now be generated on a recurring schedule and automatically emailed to the intended recipients. The Notifications feature provides email or text messaging capability for distribution of information from the Gallagher system to any number of external people. 
Customers can choose from many ‘email to SMS’ service providers globally. Some providers offer advanced features, such as linking the inbound text message with the original outbound text.


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