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Hills: Illustra Advances Pro Series PTZ to 30x

Tyco Security Products has introduced the new Illustra Pro 2 megapixel 30x PTZ camera, distributed locally by Hills, offering powerful 30x optical zoom delivering better forensic detail over greater distances. 

The Illustra Pro PTZ camera offers 30x optical zoom and 12x digital zoom, compared with the 20x zoom of the previous Illustra PTZ model. The combination of the PTZ’s advanced optical capability and high quality HD resolution video allows users to identify critical details such as reading license plate characters at distances of more than 300m away from the lens. 

For better precision and control accuracy, the Illustra PTZ uses zoom adjusted program (ZAP) technology to automatically control the pan and tilt speed in proportion to the amount of zoom used. Sensor monitored direct drive motors and innovative drive design combined with exceptional gearing and breaking, gives the camera its highly accurate return-to-position performance at a category leading speed of 512 degrees-per-second delivering 835 pixels-per-degree. 

Available in indoor and outdoor models, the Illustra Pro 2MP 30x PTZ also delivers improved low light video performance and true wide dynamic range ensuring premium quality surveillance is maintained in the most challenging of conditions. This camera ensures clear video quality is maintained using advanced features which include auto defog, whiteout highlight reduction and frame noise reduction. The 30x PTZ also supports electronic image stabilization for lower effects of vibrations from wind and other sources when using long range optical magnification. 

This Illustra Pro 30x PTZ introduces a new intelligent guard tour feature using embedded intelligence to autonomously track, zoom in and record events or suspicious activities. This feature unites motion detection, auto tracking and preset sequences to allow the PTZ to perform independent of a control room operator. While moving through a preset tour without an operator present, the intelligent guard tour feature enables the camera to deliver the video evidence needed to identify key details necessary often making the difference in forensic investigations. ♦

Distributor: Hills 
Contact: 1800 685 487


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