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Iomniscient Wins IFSEC Award

A member of the judging panel said, “…what iOmniscient has to offer is years ahead of anything else we have seen to date.” He went on to say that “…organizations should consider it their Duty of Care if they decide not to implement technology like this that could avert a disaster. People would tend to ask why an inexpensive but effective technology has not been deployed especially where innocent lives or major assets are at risk”.

The award was presented for the uniqueness and innovation of iOmniscient’s “Genius” product range. These products can detect if objects are placed in or removed from very crowded scenes (even when they are significantly obscured – hidden for a period of time) and can provide timely information to security officers, directly preventing disasters and major thefts from occurring.

iOmniscient was founded in 2001 to develop intelligent surveillance technologies and it has several patented detection algorithms. According to iOmniscient, it is the only company in the world that can offer a wide range of “high IQ” surveillance software including motion detection, object tracking, counting, behaviour tracking as well as left object detection in busy scenes, theft prevention in busy scenes, and graffiti and vandalism detection in busy scenes.


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