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New Z-Wave Platform Goes Beta, Offers 10-Year Device Battery Life

SILICON Labs’ Z-Wave 700 has gone beta, offering 10-year device battery life and 100m transmission range to allow installers to apply security, automation and IoT devices in complex now ways.

Next-generation Z-Wave 700 is built on the Wireless Gecko IOT platform. According to Z-Wave, Gecko builds on its industry-leading S2 security and interoperability by improving energy efficiency and adding higher performance, longer range RF capabilities, enabling developers to create new classes of smaller, more intelligent smart home products at a lower cost and faster time-to-market.

“The Z-Wave 700 platform extends coverage capabilities out into the yard and multiple stories within the home while simultaneously enhancing battery life resulting in prolonged device performance,” said Johan Pedersen, product marketing manager for Z-Wave IoT at Silicon Labs.

“Increased range and decreased power consumption provided by the Z-Wave 700 platform will enable them to deploy sensors and devices within their installations that were previously cost prohibitive or too difficult,” Pederson said.

“On a single coin cell battery, sensors on the Z-Wave 700 platform are expected to benefit from decade-long battery life which provides installers the flexibility to install an increased number of devices throughout the home and in new ways including embedded within furniture or behind dry wall. Smaller, more compact security and smart home sensors featuring longer range and increased battery life will benefit all security dealers and integrators.”

Z-Wave 700 combines an ARM processor-based platform with large on-chip memory to enable greater intelligence at the edge and secure inclusion in less than one second, according to the company.

“We have built the groundbreaking Z-Wave 700 platform with an eye to the future and an ear to our ecosystem partners who can deploy this long-range, low-power and future-proof platform for their new smart home applications,” said Raoul Wijgergangs, vice president and general manager of Z-Wave for Silicon Labs.

“Developers can now take advantage of the advanced platform features combined with Z-Wave’s renowned interoperability, industry-leading S2 security and SmartStart installation.”Z-Wave 700 is shipping pre-orders now to 150 beta customers within the Z-WaveAlliance, with production quantities available late Q1, 2019.



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