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Nice And Tyco Win Big Changi Contract

Changi Airport in Singapore is served by 74 airlines, connecting Singapore to 170 cities across 53 countries. The airport is the second largest in Asia Pacific and is recognized worldwide for its industry leading edge efficiency, excellent facilities and passenger security measures. When it is opened in 2006, Terminal 3 will expand the airport’s annual capacity by 20 million passengers to 64 million. To address the requirements of significantly more complex passenger security requirements, Changi has awarded Tyco and NICE the bid to enhance its detection and identification of potential security threats. Tyco will serve as the system integrator charged with the project and NICE will provide its advanced video content analytics to boost airport security. With this project Changi becomes the first major International Airport to launch deployment of video content analytics on such a high scale. Changi will apply NICE’s capabilities for simultaneous advanced video content analytics on a great number of cameras, to give its site managers the power to identify risk in real time, make optimal decisions, and take action that improves security efficiency. For example, NICE provides real-time threat detection including the identification of unattended luggage. The solution flags unmanned luggage and enables security personnel to easily retrace the steps of suspicious individuals, to verify whether the event indeed constitutes a real security risk. This approach eliminates the need to depend on the human eye, which is incapable of picking up suspicious events from among a great number TV screens. The result is a better control of potential security threats, prevention of unnecessary terminal evacuations, cost savings to tenant airlines, and sparing passengers frustrating delays. Tyco Fire & Security Singapore is providing a combination of IP-based CCTV systems complete with network equipment and an alarm management system. The new system allows Changi to view any cameras on any control positions easily. By deploying an IP-based solution, the amount of cabling at the main control room is reduced and is much easier to manage, unlike the analogue method whereby all CCTV cables have to be routed to the same control room. Mr. Aru Balakrishnan, General Manager of Tyco Fire & Security Services in Singapore commented, “We are very happy to partner with NICE on the Changi Airport T3 project, and to be recognized for providing the best solution available. ‚ÄúThis project is the first of its kind in Asia Pacific and is a breakthrough for advanced video content analytics in aviation security. With the IP-based solution, the airport is better equipped and able to enhance their long-term security measures. The system also allows the airport to effectively plan the manpower on duty. “We are very excited to have been selected by Changi Airport and to collaborate with Tyco, a security expert,” said Doron Ben-Sira, President of NICE Asia Pacific. “This win is another confirmation of NICE’s value proposition in offering airport security with advanced video content analytics to the world’s major airports.”


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