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Onssi Ocularis VMS Scores Win At ISC

Ocularis-X allows web and mobile clients to access live and playback HD video streams at 30 frames per second (fps) from multiple megapixel cameras over limited bandwidth networks such as 3G/4G, broadband and the Internet.

Ocularis-X enables users to perform live monitoring and synchronized playback of multiple megapixel cameras. Users are presented with much smoother video and are able to zoom into an image without losing detail, resulting in superior detection of incidents and identification of individuals.

Compatible with all recent versions of Ocularis, Ocularis-X will also allow VSaaS (Video Surveillance as a Service) providers to deliver high-speed, high-resolution, multi-camera video to their clients.

“Companies competing in the NPS presented the kinds of leading edge entries that are the hallmark of the program,” SIA CEO Don Erickson says. 

“New technologies and solutions like Ocularis-X are the drivers that are moving the security industry forward.”


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