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Protege Vandal Resistant VOIP Intercom with Camera

Protege Vandal Resistant VoIP Intercom from ICT is designed to meet the harshest of environments, while VoIP capability allows the intercom to communicate with any VoIP enabled device, including smartphones, providing the ability to gain entry from virtually anywhere.

The unit has a vandal-resistant body and robust construction that provides full protection against the elements, making the intercom suitable for virtually any environment. The intercom comes as a standard surface mounted product but there’s an optional flush mount kit.

This VOIP intercom can run as a standalone point-to-point intercom or register as a phone on any VoIP capable PBX to allow normal call operation. Use with an optional VoIP server or PBX to allow complex call routing, allowing communication to multiple stations at once, calls to be routed to alternative stations if they are not answered, or calls to be diverted to different units based on a time schedule.

There’s programmable auto-answer feature provides the ability to receive broadcast announcements or gives the remote caller monitoring capability allowing them to listen in, the ability to eliminate unwanted noise so that background noise and interference is reduced, leaving clear speech, while voice pick-up can be achieved from 5 meters (16ft) away.

Integration allows communication to any Protege GX workstation and provides control of devices such as lights and doors. Alternatively, the intercom supports standalone operation, enabling you to manage customizable schedules and configure the intercom’s onboard output for directly controlling a gate or door lock.

A wide-angle camera provides a live video feed that can be viewed from a remote monitoring station, from a web browser or from within a ProtegeGX or ProtegeWX system and Power over Ethernet (PoE) simplifies installation and reduces costs – 12V DC is also provided or simply connect the intercom and Protege Integrated System Controller to the building’s existing network.

Key Features:

* Vandal resistant design

* Noise reducing functionality to eliminate unwanted noise

* Fully VoIP compliant to allow communication with other Protege intercoms or third-party VoIP devices including external * phones

* Optional offline operation

* Call button can be programmed to dial a phone number or call another VoIP device

* Programmable auto-answer

* Provides a live video feed to a remote monitoring station, web browser, or ProtegeGX system

* Standard wall mounted unit for surface mount installations with optional flush mount kit available

* 12VDC power supply input.

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