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Dedicated Micros Adds CD Writer To DVRs

Particularly suited to small retailers who need to provide footage to the police on a regular basis, an integral...

Hills Releases Fibre Optic Solution

Phoenix allows users to configure a system consisting of multiple video and audio, data signals, and contacts in a variety...

New Sony Super Exwave From Pacific Communications

Incorporating a newly developed 1/3–inch CCD with SuperExwave technology, the camera can achieve extremely high sensitivity levels, and utilising Sony’s...

Flash New Digital Dome From Axis Communications

When you think digital video surveillance cameras you have to think Axis Communications. And one of the beautiful things...

Bosch Security Releases New PIR

Features of the new sensor include First Step Processing (FSP); Pet Friendly processing and design; draft and insect immunity;...

Bosch Releases New Single-Input DVR

The recorder hard disk has a capacity of 160GB, equivalent to seven videotapes. This allows continuous or time-lapse recording...

New DayNight Camera From JVC

Unlike conventional surveillance cameras, the new TK-C1430E is equipped to handle harsh day and night lighting conditions. The On/Off IR...
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