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Smiths Detection Trials Computed Tomography (CT) at Gold Coast Airport

SMITHS Detection has partnered with Gold Coast Airport, part of Queensland Airports Limited, to trial Smiths Detection’s latest CT technology screening systems for passenger carry-on baggage at Gold Coast Airport.

The 6-week trial – which ended on March 1 – was implemented ahead of new security regulations expected to take effect in Australia in coming years. The equipment was designed to enhance airport security by improving the efficiency of the screening process and detection ability.

As part of the trial, Smiths Detection introduced an advanced integrated checkpoint solution that will assist to deliver more stringent security, whilst improving passenger experience.

The key focus was on the ECAC EDS CB C3 approved HI-SCAN 6040 CTiX cabin baggage screening system using CT technology to produce 3D images, which allows security officers to inspect cabin baggage effectively without the need for passengers to remove items such as laptops, gels or liquids. This is supported by iLane.evo, an automatic tray-handing system and Checkpoint Evo Plus, a checkpoint management software that effectively facilitates remote screening of the scanned images.

Smiths CT

Since the implementation in January, Gold Coast Airport management and staff have seen a significant enhancement in facilitation at the security screening checkpoint, whilst the security outcomes have also been enhanced.

Gold Coast Airport Chief Operating Officer Marion Charlton said she was pleased with the trial results which had received positive feedback from both passengers and security staff.

“The new screening process was a real success with passengers. With the new technology, they didn’t have to remove laptops or liquids and gels from their carry-on luggage,” she said.

“The security outcome was positive, with the CT equipment providing improved threat detection, without the need to impose on passenger privacy to search through personal belongings, while also resulting in a better overall experience for customers.”

Gold Coast Airport is the 6th busiest airport in Australia, welcoming 6.6 million visitors in the 2018 financial year. Ω


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