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Sonys X Series SNC-DH210 1080p HD

It supports dual streaming and triple codec encoding. Sony’s Exmor CMOS sensor provides excellent pictures and event detection for effective evidence gathering. Sony’s X-Series cameras have outstanding picture quality and a compact, affordable, stylish design. The SNC-DH210 offers intelligent video analytics, based on the Sony DEPA platform. DEPA is a combined function of the intelligence built in to the camera and rules/filters that determine which images should be recorded or when an alarm should be triggered.This multi-codec camera supports three compression formats: JPEG, the best choice of high-quality still images; MPEG-4, the format that provides clear moving images efficiently over limited-bandwidth networks; and H.264, the alternative for severely limited-bandwidth networks, providing twice the efficiency of MPEG-4. The camera can generate multiple streams simultaneously.There‚Äôs stream squared function that allows simultaneous streaming of two 4:3 aspect ratio videos in user-selectable SD resolutions. You can select the entire image or a portion of the image from the original view and resize to SD resolution. Other features include electrical day/night and an analogue monitor output.

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