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Adt Protects The G8 Summit

The G8 Summit 10, located its temporary staff offices in the King and Prince Resort Hotel on St. Simon Island, a few miles away from the actual G8 Summit meeting held on Sea Island off the coast of Savannah, Georgia. To secure the offices, ADT strategically placed video surveillance cameras in the hotel’s stairwells, hallways and entries.

Federal Transportation Security Administration’s Paul Hackenberry selected ADT for the security project. Hackenberry’s regular job is federal security director for the Jacksonville International Airport, but he was tapped to handle the G8-related security not covered by the Secret Service. That made his group responsible for the offices on St. Simon Island and a portion of the motor pool at the summit.

“ADT provided us with some very useful technology,” said Hackenberry. “It (the system) did its job, within our budget and lowered our manpower requirements.”
The security system included cameras, digital video recorders, monitors, keypad locks and motion detectors. It protected more than 100 workers in the temporary offices at the resort hotel, the call center where all incoming calls were screened, a portion of the motor pool and the registration area where all attendees received their identifying credentials. ADT also designed special equipment to alert security officers if one of the many doors in the office area was left opened or ajar.

“ADT was able to work with us to build a customized system that met our specific needs,” said Hackenberry. “For example, they designed a special light box for us that connected to the door locks and would light up when a door was opened or not completely closed, which might otherwise have been hard to distinguish on video.”


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